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Thank You for Helping Us

We are Peers, or people living with an injured brain, and we are so grateful for your expertise and your desire to help us make progress along our Recovery Journey, whatever that may mean for each of us.

Just by visiting our site, you’re demonstrating that you want to know more about us as Peers and Caregivers. The more you learn, the more you are able to understand us, ask questions, listen to us, and partner with us to shape our Recovery Journey—this is so very important to us. Thank you for making this effort; it says so much about you, not just as a professional service provider, but as a person who is willing to meet us where we’re at and empower us to be our best.

You are part of the Injured Brain Community, and we hope you become active in it in the following ways:

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  • Create a Profile and interact with other Providers, Peers and Caregivers via the Connection Board
  • Consider the Recovery Path Model, and engage us on our Recovery Journey
  • Encourage other Providers to learn more about Peers and Caregivers on this site
  • Contribute resources to our Resource Page so others can benefit

We look forward to interacting with you!


Key Takeaways

  • We value you as a Provider, and we invite you to learn more about us as Peers and Caregivers.
  • Our Recovery Journey is enhanced by the willingness of Providers to listen to, understand, and respond to our Voice.
  • As a Provider, you have the ability to alert other Providers to our unique needs and how best to engage with us—please be our Champion among other Providers.

Programs & Tools

Brain Injury Phases PDF


Definition of an Injured Brain PDF

Provider Champions

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Knowing there are other Caregivers experiencing what I’m experiencing gives me strength and hope.

Hollie, Hastings 
Hollie, Hastings

It’s hard to know she struggles, but I believe in her and it helps her continue.

June, Kearney 
June, Kearney

His brain injury brought us together and has made us close.

Susie, Kearney 
Susie, Kearney

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