North Platte Chapter

Welcome to the North Platte Chapter of the Nebraska Injured Brain Network

This is a BIG HELLO to everyone in the North Platte area!  We are glad you found us, and we hope you connect with us on this site, or at our Chapter meetings.  Whether you’re a Peer (a person living with an injured brain), a Caregiver, or a Provider, we are on the same team and we are all part of the Injured Brain Community.  We are fulfilled when we spend time with each, and contribute to each other’s Recovery Journey–and sometimes that’s as simple as listening to someone and offering a word of understanding or encouragement, or a hug. 

We are proud to be a Chapter of the Nebraska Injured Brain Network.  When it comes down to it, we’re a lively bunch, and we love having fun.  Joe always has a joke ready to tell, and Shawna usually has a great quip to crack us up.  We can’t wait to hear from you or see you at one of our gatherings. 

We offer Chapter Support Group meetings, as well as Chapter Business Meetings.  Check out the schedule below in the tabs.  Don’t be a stranger!

North Platte Chapter Leadership

North Platte Chapter Leadership

Judy Nichelson
The best way to get hold of me is to first send an email.  Looking forward to hearing from you.


Support Group

We have multiple Chapter Support Group meeting times, including:

  • Every Tuesday afternoon
  • Always at 2pm, and we meet until 4pm, but some people come late or leave early based on their schedule
  • Due to Covid-19, our meeting place changes weekly.  If you would like to attend, please contact Judy via email at

We also plan special events that sometimes occur on different days and times, so be on the lookout.  Send Judy an email ( and get on her announcement list, or keep an eye on the calendar on this site.

On the second Tuesday of each month we conduct our Chapter Business Meeting, also at 2pm at the Public Safety Building, 715 S Jeffers St, North Platte [Postponed until further notice due to Covid-19]


Recent Fun & Activities

Updates Coming Soon

Coming soon




Past Fun & Activities

Coming soon

Chapter Members
Judy Nichelson
Shawna Thompson
Kathy Jo Smith
Joe Larreau
No email
Cindy Zelinski
Shir Smith
Don’t have her phone number
Barb Rinehart (Justin/Buck)
Alysa Atkins
Becky Wilson
Tyrel Turner
—-Mother-Teri or father Lane will have to help with his call/emails. Her email is Tyrel’s email…
Calendar of Events

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